Friday, November 30, 2007

I now pronouce you...

I just had this really weird thought while I was having my morning crap. (Yes. Shit appears to go both down and up.)

Who invented the clock radio? It's an incredibly strange yet ingenious invention. The guy that thought of it must a been really cool to just wake up one day and think "Hey! Won't it be great to have a clock and a radio all in one?".

But it's an invention that really has some identity issues to deal with.
Am I a clock? Or am I a radio?
Am I a clock with a radio function? Or am I a radio which tells you the time as well?

It's a very strange marriage. Two seemingly unrelated brilliant inventions in their own right combining to great effect. Combination. Wow.

Just like cameras and cellphones. Who decided one day that it would be great to talking on the phone, see something that was really cool and just whip out your phone and snap a pic of it? That was really brill.

We should have more integrated inventions. Like a wallet-modem. You keep your money in it and whenever you need an Internet connection you just plug your wallet into a phone line and POW! You're connected. Of course you then see money flying out of your wallet. So maybe that's not all that great after all.

How about guitar-deodorant sprays. You know how you get really sweaty on stage and you start to stink. Well how about if you had a spray in the neck of the guitar that sprays deodorant in your direction leaving fresh and smelling great for the post-concert party. Just make sure it doesn't spray into your eyes. Those things sting.

Hrmm. Maybe I should just stay out of inventing stuff.

Monday, November 12, 2007


That's it. I'm officially psychopathic. If not psycho then just plain self-destructive. I have this wanton desire for all things that I can never have. Be it girls, a flashy lifestyle or a Ford GT.

Unfortunately, that's the way the world is. You snooze, you lose. And I do hit snooze on my alarm clock many times in the morning. This time, it's not the hitting the snooze button so much as the fact that I didn't even set the alarm in the first place.

Wonder if I run really fast westward, I could somehow break the fabric of space-time itself and go back a couple of years and change stuff around. But of course, after watching countless Sci-Fi movies, we all know how that will just end in disaster.

What am I talking about?

Erm. That wasn't rhetorical. I honestly don't know...

P.S. Wanton is an actual English word not just a little Chinese pork dumpling.

Monday, November 05, 2007

Staying with the Stallions till the End

The end being ORD. Got news today from my ma'am that I won't be going to Brunei after all as someone else from another base is able to stay there longer than I would be able (and willing) to. So shall be spending the rest of my NSF life with my Stallion Family.

Good and bad in a way. I'm obviously more comfortable in this sqn having been here for over a year now. And with all the friends that I've made, can create havoc.

Will miss having the spending power that the Brunei posting would have brought plus the independence of living "by myself" in a different country. It would have been quite an adventure plus a story to tell. Oh well. Might still have a chance to go Korat with the sqn on Ex early next year.

I have a feeling that my ma'am really didn't want me to go at all. Cuz when her husband brought up the idea, she was rather hesitant to elaborate. Lol. My leaving would mean that she'd have to man the office by herself while training my understudy for me.

Meanwhile, life plods on. Actually, working like a slave for the past 10 months is going to pay off. I have many days of leave left to clear and so will be working short weeks for the rest of the year. Finally have a chance to relax.

Have been watching all my batchmates ORD-ing one by one. Rather depressing but at the same time, it's encouraging as it just means that my own ORD is approaching. As they say, early in, early out.

Less than 100 days left.....

Saturday, November 03, 2007

Leaving on a Charlie 130

Well. I've told my ma'am that I've decided to accept the offer. She's pushed through the paperwork but it still requires AMD approval. That's the Air Manpower Department.
Since this is a pretty last minute thing, she was saying that I might have to be prepared to go off with very little notification. So now I just sit and wait.

I'm honestly okay either way. I'm not too concerned if the posting doesn't go through cuz that will make less moving around for me and I'm alright with going to Brunei as it's good money and experience.

Think it will be rather challenging living in Brunei by myself. LOL. Have not experienced stay-in life for a long time. Kinda forgotten all the crap and good stuff that comes with communal living.

Plus will be away from my own home for a long time as weekends will prob be stuck in camp or at the most somewhere nearby and that will be a first for me. Am looking forward to that.

Shall just have to wait and see...