Saturday, May 20, 2006

:: The Fifth Person ::
I can't believe that there are such people in this world. Willing to let his platoon-mates, section-mates and his buddy suffer just cuz he was too fucking ball-less to own up for something that he did. That's just mindblowing and a little sad in a way. Sad because he doesn't have the integrity to take the consequences of his actions like a man...
but what's done is done. Closed case... Forgive and hope that he can learn to feel guilt and have some integrity.

you know what... I really don't like the army lifestyle. It's only been 7 or 8 weeks into my NS liability and I really can't stand it. There are many out there aiming to be a commissioned officer or a sergeant or some big shot like that. But I'm honestly not looking for something like that. I just wanna find a quiet place to live out my two yrs in the SAF without have to go thru all that "yes, sir", "yes, sergeant" crap. I'm am NOT CHAO KENG. I'm not a slacker just looking to get out of NS by any means possible. It's just that I don't see the point. Back when I was training with the rugby team there was a point. There was a point in pushing my limits and trying my best. There was an aim. a goal. We achieved that and we're proud of it. For NS there is nothing to aim for. Nothing that can give me that sense of satisfaction. a badge on my no. 4 for getting gold or silver for ippt. I don't need badges and medals. Acing my SOC so I can brag about it. What's there to brag about anyway?
there is just nothing that I fin fulfilling in the SAF. Of course there will be many out there who will think very differently frm me. But what can I do about them. It's my opinion and it's their opinion. We have a right to our own. You may not agree with what I say but that doesn't matter to me. I'm happy that you get what you want. But I'm sorry that it doesn't mean much to me.

this bookout represents the beginning of the end of my bmt life. To tell you the truth. I was just beginning to really enjoy the company and companionship of the people around me and in my platoon. And now that it's about three weeks to POP I can't help but feel a bit sorrowful that we have to part in some way and I hope that we'll be able to keep in contact no matter where we're posted to. Whichever unit, sispec or ocs, we'll still be Falcon Platoon 3.


Friday, May 12, 2006

:: Fly as a Falcon ::
after two long weeks in camp, I can finally come home. And it feels great.
I'm getting used to the army life. Not to say that I like it. In fact it is quite the opposite. I really find that I'm not suited to life as a soldier. I can't stand taking orders frm people that can be quite unreasonable and I hate the disorganised way things are done in the army. You find yourself waiting a damn long time doing nothing when you could be doing something else more productive. But ultimately my name is REC W M BONG, so I don't really have a say in anything. Just follow blindly and chiong...

on the other hand, I do kinda like living together with all my bunkmates. The communal living experience is something really incredible. It really builds up a sense of camaraderie. cuz it's us against the sergeants...
I won't mention names but there are some sergeants that are really too much. There is one particular sgt that really has the temper of a three-year-old. It's damn dumb. He explodes when you least expect it and over the smallest things. Oh well... What can you do....