Thursday, October 25, 2007

To Brunei or Not To Brunei

My boss and her husband came to my office yesterday and asked me if I want to be posted to Brunei Det as an admin staff there from 15th Nov to 14 Jan. The perks are excellent. 1.4K/Month and since I'm going to be there for only two months, I won't really be assigned that tough a job. Plus Brunei Det is rumoured to be rather "relac one corner" type. I'm seriously considering accepting the offer.

But there are some down sides. Flights back are not entitled to me as I'll be there for only a very short period of time. Military flights are FOC to SAF personnel but as it is not part of my entitlement, I cannot be guaranteed a seat on the aircraft but can only be given one if there is extra space. Thus Christmas and New Year at home is not certain. Brunei also isn't really much of a happening place. ONE shopping centre near the camp and that's abt it. Plus it'll be starting off on a totally new foot. And before I even have time to really settle down, it'll be time to come back.

Am totally caught in the middle. On one side, I have the security of the position that I where I'm not really being monitered round the clock. Friends in base and in squadron etc etc. But struggling to make ends meet.

Whereas, in Brunei, I'll definately have enough but no friends and an unknown and totally new working environment. And they say that it's a totally different working style with the SPs compared to the CH family.

I've always been slightly hesitatant to take a step into the unknown, but this time it's seriously unpredictable and I can't really make an informed choice as most of the people that I know haven't been to Brunei.

Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Current Affairs

Was watching News 5 @ 9 last night (for lack of anything better to watch) and was seriously amused by how news in Singapore is nothing but a joke. So I've compiled my top 3 stories of yesterday's new bulletin for your reading pleasure.

3. NHS Dental Services in Britain
The newscaster goes something like, "And the Dental services in Britain are falling into decay" (pun fully intended). The punch line wasn't exactly that funny. What was more funny was the straight face that she had on her face when she said it. I wonder if she even got it.

2. Community Chest awards
Yesterday, the Community Chest gave out a shared award for the two highest donators of the year, the CPF Fund and the PUB. Hah! What a sham.. My grandfather summed it all up. "It's like taking from the right pocket and putting it into the left pocket..... then giving yourself an award for it!"

1. Courtesy Campain
This wasn't on the TV news, rather I heard it in the morning while at the office. SBS Transit has just launched a new campain to encourage motorist to give way to buses exiting bus bays. This campain was ingeniously titled the "Give Way to Buses Exiting Bus Bays" campain. Love it how they underestimate our intelligence. No catchy slogans or jingles. Just straight up. Pfft..

Friday, October 05, 2007

I'm selling a brand new Samsung E740 Music Phone.
The box seal is broken as I have opened it up to check the contents when I collected it but other than that, the phone is totally unused.

I'm starting the bids at 350. But if you can offer me 400, it's a immediate deal.

Once again, I say... it's a totally brand new phone. all the accessories are included.
-512MB Micro SD card (w/ Adaptor for SD card slot)
-Samsung Studio software
-Instructions Booklet
-USB Cable
-Carrying case for accessories

For more info, this is the official website: Samsung E740

I'll be posting pics of the actual phone soon.
Call me at 91691987 for a fast deal.Collection Area will be in Serangoon or Hougang area.

Money vs. Passion

What really matters in life. Money that comes from the job that you do or the joy and Passion that you get from doing something that you love even if you can barely make ends meet? To me, I have a kind of cliched point of view on the topic. It's a mixture of both. Cuz you can never get the best of both worlds. It is impossible to live on either extreme of the question, for me.

Money. Everyone needs it. This is fact. It's not being blasphemous and it's not being materialistic. But let's face it. What else can get you a place to sleep at night and food on the table when you wake up? It's sad that our world has come to revolve around such an abstract concept like money. The concept of images and numbers printed out on special pieces of paper making the paper into something worth more than it's material worth(as in the physical material) is rather bewildering. The reality of the situation though is that money has become a fundamental tool to achieving a "successful" life. Note that the word successful in my last sentence is in inverted commas. That is because the term successful when used to describe someones life is very broadly defined and means different things to different people. Bill Gates and Mother Theresa. Successful people in two very different ways but both highly respected and VERY successful in their lives.

I'm neither a Saint(-to-be) nor a billionaire so I set my sights slightly lower. I want to do something fulfilling in my life and yet has the earning power to keep my family as far above the poverty line as possible. I recognise the need to be a responsible person and support my future family but I cannot bring myself to take a job doing something that I don't enjoy. Or worse, a job that forces me to give up who I am and what I believe in just to bring in the big money. I refuse to accept the fact that one cannot do what one loves and earn a living at the same time.

Wednesday, October 03, 2007

Nightmare on Bong's Street

Had one of the worst dreams of all time last night. I dreamt I was attached to Jamie Yeo. You know. The stick insect that presents sports on ESPNStar. Yeah. It was really gross.

I was holding her hand sitting on the couch watching TV and there was nothing there. It was like holding a malnourished frozen chicken wing. You know the kind that is still slimy and the skin isn't clinging to the flesh so it's floppy and slippery... Eeew.

Anyway. Today was my 127th-day-to-ORD day. And being in 127 SQN, 127 is a special number. More than anything though, it means that I have 4mths and 1 week till ORD. Which is more special than the actual number per se.

Evidenced by my last paragraph, I am now officially rambling. Forgive me. But there really isn't much better to do tonight.