Wednesday, November 30, 2005

::first day::
what a first day. naah. don't think that it was that tough. but i'm just not used to it yet. give me a while to get into the swing and it'll be just fine. but i seriously need to get another pair of black pants. the one i'm wearing is a little tight. i'll go shopping after work today.

Monday, November 28, 2005

::soooo goddamn pissed::
what the hell lar. my dad went to go and reinstall windows AGAIN. reset the whole blooming computer. now all my files are all over the computer and I have no idea where they are. to top it off, all my links are now lost so I don't have anybody's blog links, my own fav links, etc. aaaarrrggghh. within the past half an hour I have used all the filthy language that i have learn in my ten years in the singapore education system.
and you know what pisses me off the most. he did it to get rid of some sypware that got onto our computer. but after he goes and resets the whole bleeding computer, IT'S STILL THERE. so what is the blooming point. argh. so infuriating. this is the man, my father, that refuses to buy a proper anti-virus cum anti-spyware program off the market and prefers to rely on free software off the net. the fucking software he downloads is probably what is installing the spyware. but nooooooo. he refuses to get anything legitimate if it means taking cash outta his wallet. i've heard of being thrifty but this is seriously ridiculous. instead he prefers to spend many a sleepless night redoing the computer and causing a hell of alot of problems, not just for himself, but also for me and my sis.
now, just when i've got my profile on the computer all personalised and to my liking, i have to go and redo EVERYTHING. that means backing up all my pictures, music, vids, etc. also, i have to redownload all the programs that previously downloaded, i.e. MSN MSGr, Winamp, iTunes, etc. after all that's done. i still have to go and try and relocate all my missing links [which i have more or less given up on recovering].
plus, to further add to the pile of shit, this is not the first time that he's done it. so to add to all the confusion, there are multiple copies of stuff that he backed up from the past few times that he's done it. so i have like three or four copies of the same file. not only is that taking up space on the hard drive [that he has been nagging me and my sis to clear up] but also it makes it ten times more confusing when i try to back up my files cuz i don't know if i have already got a certain file backed up.
this is really like some S&M shit. he's asking for it himself. if only he'll get some proper anti-virus. it just costs 50-60 bucks and now that my sis is in uni, she gets a discount on software so it's even cheaper....!! so what is he waiting for.

forget it. i give up. i'm resigned to my fate. i'm just going to burn everything onto a DVD-R.

Thursday, November 24, 2005

::ready to order, sir?::
after a week of hardcore training to try and get myself back in shape, i still think that i'm super unfit. just finished the M1 tens tournament with the year ones and my body is still recovering. we finished respectably as the plate runners up. another fourth place medal to add to my trophy case. i really enjoyed playing again. the match atmosphere is something that really cannot be described. lost only two of our five games, which is a pretty decent win-loss ratio.

loba got me a job at tangs which has pretty decent pay lar. shall not disclose it online. i'll be starting next tues at the Island Cafe 4th floor of Tangs. come visit yeah. will be in service staff i.e. waiter. can't complain yeah. money is money.

seriously, besides that my life is boring. haha. i know that i've been going on about how i'll be free and easy after the As, but now that the As are over i have no idea what to do with myself. i don't have much cash so i can't go out everyday kinda thing [and i'm too lazy to anyway]. then i also dun like slacking around at home. what am i to do?

Saturday, November 19, 2005

::that's it. i'm out::
aw man. i've been waiting for this for a long time. it's been roughly three full days since the As have ended but i'm just getting down to writing this "celebratory" post. have been spending the past few days going out, having fun and training. haha. basically so far i've been enjoying the freedom of not having to stress myself out for the As.

it's really a good thing to be able to live carefree as least for a while before i don my green uniform. think that after the two years of slogging it out i deserve the break that i didn't get after the Os. haha. i'm still sore abt that.

on a slightly more serious note. i'm worried abt alot of things but mainly my math. i have never been very mathematically inclined so i'm not sure if the rather last minute refresher that i went through would be enough to get me cleanly past the As.

but i think i've reached a sort of nirvana. i believe that no matter what result i get, i'm gonna be alright with it and i'm pretty sure that if worse comes to worse, i won't be back in nanyang taking it again. not that i don't like nanyang. it's just that i don't wanna have to go thru that again.

in hindsight, i don't know if going to JC was the best decision. it wasn't a wrong desicion by all means, just maybe it wasn't really right for me. but i'm through it now and i think i've come out a better person for it.

i'm back in training with the team. well at least for a little while. will be playing next tues at YCK 3pm fyi. it's nice to be able to come back to the situation without the stress of having the goal of the A divs in my mind although now there is a slightly different pressure on NY to perform after we achieved 4th.

well. D&D's coming. and i don't have an idea what i'm gonna be wearing. i've got abt two weeks to go shopping though.

i think that not having to exercise my brain is having a few adverse effects. first of all i'm not really putting the ideas in my head into full coherent sentences and all my "points" are not really being fully expressed 'cept in real short two sentence paragraphs. need some way to keep my mind working but at the same time i wanna just zone out. aargh. the new pressures. but it sorta seems that i'm putting that pressure on myself. and now i'm babbling. god. this is lame.

i shd prob be out there looking for work. but i guess i'm just a bit lazy. think i'll just wait for the tens to be over on tues then i'll be clear to commit my time elsewhere. have to take care of one thing at a time.

Wednesday, November 09, 2005

::new addition::
i know i'm not supposed to be back til the end of the As but i can't help it.
there's been a new addition to the family. born last friday, 4th november, at roughly 1815h.
like all proud parents, baby elijah's parents [his mom's my 2nd cousin. or is it 3rd. can never remember these things] has to satisfy their need to show off their little one. thank god for the internet. sheesh. new age parents.

so who says blogging is just a self-indulgent exercise in ego-inflation. when joy is shared, two people are happy. the more happy people there are, the more joy there is to go around. babies are indeed a blessing. now if you say that isn't the sweetest face you've ever seen, you're lying.