Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Time to Say Goodbye

I've finally gotten my ORD counter down to single digits. Sorry that I've been harping about this for the past two years, but yes, it really is that depressing having to see camo green everyday.

But ORD is no where near slack for me. I've still got lotsa stuff to clear up before I can go. My clearance, the Sqn heritage board, the CPT Ted valentine's day bear thing. Sigh, they're really making full use of me before I go.

Anyway. Out with the past and in with the future. Chinese New Year is seriously the beginning of something new. Life after NS. I've yet to find any form of employment to keep me financially independent till uni starts in Aug. That's kinda worrying. I don't want to have to go through each day without being able to enjoy myself.

March also bring the end of my probationary period. So my class 2A is yet another expense I have to put on an already long list. My class 3 license is another one of those expenses. My mom says that she wants to cover that for me. So that's gonna be one load off my back. April and May are going to be pretty exciting months. Trips to New York and London. As well as trying to get back into the study mood for August enrollment.

I've decided to sell my XL2. It's a pity really. Really have an emotional attachment to that bike. But I'm willing to bet that it'll fetch a good price on the market. Time to upgrade to a bigger bike. My XL has served me well in TM and will be given a fitting farewell at the Ah Guang 2D1N but I have to get a bigger bike to further my skills. I've been stagnating for too long already. I wanna get out there on the track and make a name for myself.