Wednesday, April 11, 2007

:: Blogger Block ::
wow... think I've finally reached the stage when I'm a once a month blogger.

wuh-hell. this is my blog for the month... today, i woke up 7 brushed my teeth and took a shit... this was followed by playing with my dog. omg!! he's so cute lah... *smile smile* *dots dots*.

wait a minute.. i don't remember being a himbo with no life... come to think of it... i really hate those kinda bloggers. look.. face it... the whole world doesn't wanna know every widdle detail of your life today. unless of course you're a gay sunni living in the middle of a shi'ite neighbourhood, always living in the perpetual fear that you will be discovered and stoned to death and how you are desperately sex-deprived cuz it's so hard to find a good man nowadays. now THAT would be an interested blog. of course you wonder how he turned gay in the first place? two, there always is. a master and a student. so was our blogger friend the student or the master?

but that's totally beside the point.

anyway. being couped up in an office with nothing but a small black radio for company, I've begun to listen to the radio a lot more. and there are actually some pretty good songs out there. like Nerina Pallot's "Everybody's gone to war".

"If Love is a drug
I guess we're all sober"

how cool is that. that's some pretty deep shi'ite, i mean shit, there.. and what abt.

"I could be green, I could be mean
I could be everything wrong"

WHAT ABT THAT!! okay lah.. so it wasn't that deep or meaningful or anything. sounds more like someone about to throw up on a plane debating if he shd just puke it up on the person next to him cuz he already used the pukebag. okay so i have an overactive imagination but at least it has a catchy tune??

tsk tsk.. triviality..

what i have been is thinking a lot about spirituality. for one, it makes me wonder. why are there so many denominations of Christians in the world? why do we divide ourselves over just the slightest differences in Ideology? after all, we are still praising the same God and the same Christ.

so in that case where is the right place for me to worship. I'm the perpetual sinner. always seem to be running back to His arms and yet slipping through His fingers time and time again. where is my place? when, how and should i draw the line between family and my Redeemer?