Friday, September 30, 2005

::overheard in a macdonalds::

How did the elephant get stuck in a fridge?
It went in to get some food and got stuck.
Lion, king of the jungle, summoned all the animals to his palace and all came except one.
Which one and why?

The elephant. Cuz it was still stuck in the fridge.

There were five cats on a ship. One of them jumped off. How many cats were left?
None. Cuz they were copycats.

Why, at a birthday party, the pinata did not break even after many hits?

The family left before the kid could tell her mom the answer. It's bugging me.
Why the fucking hell didn't the pinata break....
::last stretch::
C E F C6
not too bad considering my performance over the year and definately an improvement from the midyrs. quite happy about my C for physics. of course who wouldn't after being a bottom feeder for like almost two years. plus i think nick ngern is really scared now. haha. his top dog status was threatened when i scored higher than him for paper three. haha. no offense ngern. you're a nice guy. but i'm out to get you.
although i didn't achieve my main goal for prelims [that is to beat ngern in phys] i think that it was a pretty good result for me. of course if i get that for the real thing i'd be looking around for the tallest building in serangoon but it's a good start.
i really need a lot of help for my maths. hate the subject. it's the bane of my existence. the worm in my apple. the crap in my toilet. the ink clot in my printer. the one string out of tune on my guitar. but i don't have a choice do i.
at least it's not half a worm. toilets can be flushed. i can always buy a new ink cartridge and what are tuning pegs for?

Monday, September 26, 2005

::hold my head up high::
finally I have something to be darn proud of. I managed to score pretty high for my phys paper three. I'm hoping, praying that my paper one and two don't burst my bubble. I really need something like this now to motivate me. finally I'm getting some kinda reward for the effort that I've been putting it. plus it's a major ego boost. haha.
hey. I'm not some kinda ego maniac that thrives on the admiration [or supposed admiration] of others. but yeah. isn't it nice having something like that so give ya a bit of confidence.
okay okay. back down to earth. I kinda didn't do that well for econs. I got an AO pass again. exactly like the mid yrs. with almost the exact same score. amazing, no?
consistency? I hope not. I DO NOT wanna get that kinda marks for As. meanwhile maths is prob gonna be another flop. I've got maths tutorial first thing tmr morning. ah leong is prob gonna skin me alive lar. but yeah. I have decided to look forward and work to the As. and not to let this prelim result get me down. noble isn't it?
this weeks been pretty good for me. been relaxing for a bit before I really start pushing gears to study for As.

hrm. dunnoe why. but i get such pleasure outta watching happy tree friends. haha. it's totally sadistic lar. but it's so fun. oh man. bong's going nuts. been watching a few south park episodes too. just as funny.
cannot imagine that in a few weeks we'll be leaving sch soon. the yr twos officially leave sch on the 12th of Oct. hrm. only sank in when ys starting singing that stupid Vitamin C Graduation song thingy. haha. that song is like dusted off once a year, played til everyone's sick of it and then tossed back on the shelf. man. that song has really lost all meaning. and seriously speaking, i'm totally numb to it. i mean. in the states graduation is a real big thing cuz after that everyone goes their own way in a big BIG country. ya might not see your high sch pals again. but in s'pore, how far can anyone go. it's like even up til today i see some of my sec sch friends when i'm walking around town. heck. my JC is chock full of ppl from my primary school. what's the big deal about graduation. it's just the end of one stage of life and the beginning of another.

Thursday, September 22, 2005

::American Tragedy?::

How much of a natural disaster was Katrina? In my eyes it was more of a human disaster. it was a American tragedy as Time magazine put it. but could all this have been avoided. now everyone's prob thinking bong's gone off the deep end. totally nutjob. how could anyone stop a hurricane from slamming into southern USA.
i'm not talking about moving the hurricane out of the way. i was thinking more on the lines of moving the people out of the way of the hurricane. much simpler job of you think about it. researchers knew it was coming. they warned of unthinkable damage to new orleans. like modern day cassandras, they were largely ignored.

not just before the hurricane but also after it passed, the American handling of the entire situation was CRAP. god save me from gaining millions of friends around the world, but the Bush administration has a lot of serious reflection ahead. bureaucracy taken to the max. the many layers of government make it sure easy to govern a large coutry like the US but it is not flexible enough to handle emergencies. there's the city officials, state government then the federal government. by the time decisions that need to be made on the ground pass hands from one fat government lackey to another, lives WILL be lost.

the world has seen a developed "first-world" country fall to their knees in the wake of one of mother natures toys. the land of plenty is now looking to others for aid. president bush actually giving a list of what they need. egoistic? definately. america is fast running out of friends that they can turn to. cowboy bush's whatever attitude towards the UN over the whole iraq debacle has prob got a few coutries wondering quis custodiet ipsos custodes? who watches the watchman? what is the use of the international community if cowboy here doesn't give a damn about their opinion.

as rita, recently reclassified as a category 5 hurricane, bears down on texas, one can only hope that the human disaster of katrina has taught somebody something about disaster handling. of course, it might just be that the good ol' texan cowboy in the oval office doesn't want his ranch messed up but i think that texas will turn out much better than new orleans did.

hrm. did you know that texas is one of the biggest producers of crude oil in the US. if it's oil producing capacity drops it'll be murder on the dancefloor for already sky high oil prices. Hah! take that to all you SUV-driving, petrol-drinking, road-hogging, show-offish bastards.

Saturday, September 17, 2005

::the horror, the truama. years of therapy can't fix this::
logged on the one day to find EVERYTHING in chinese. those of you who know me well enough should know the hate-hate relationship i have with chinese [in particular chinese teachers]. you can't possible imagine the agony i have been through just trying to write a letter to the people at blogger support. clicking aimlessly til i found the right link. the chinese is not the simplified chinese that we learn in sch but the traditional one with alot of funny looking characters which just compounded the whole situation into a gigantic mess. at least if it was in simplified chinese i do believe that i would be able to find my way around. i think.

::thank God for the music::
i swear if it wasn't for my mp3s i would go crazy everytime i go online.
oh man. atreyu has just become my favourite band. okay second. i still think that bleed the dream is that good.
but in particular i have begun to idolise the atreyu guitarist. he is nothing short of amazing. okay. before everything starts sounding gay. i don't idolise HIM as much as his playing. such technique, such style. and he's not like all goth dressed in black with mascara and black eye shadow. he's like just this ordinary looking guy [although ordinary guys don't usually play for world famous bands per se]. his solos completely rock.

::yet more trauma::
prelims will be over next monday. that leaves slightly less than one and a half months before the real thing. and i really don't know if i'll be able to make up for the time that i have lost basically stoning. i know it is really boring for people to read this. but that's what's really worrying me now. the road after JC is hazy if not completely invisible with the only thing being sure is national service. what is a guy to do.

Friday, September 09, 2005

::twelve o'clock high::
it's noon and i just woke up. splitting headache cuz of some stupid bug that got into my room last night. it made this constant shrill noise the whole night. and you know how these bugs are. you can never locate the source of the sound cuz in the small confines of my room, the sound bounces everywhere. so i slpt the night with a pillow over my head trying desperately to drown it out.
oh man. i just found out that michelle rodriguez is in the second season of lost. haha. so hot.

i'm hungry.

Thursday, September 08, 2005

::time out::
taking some time off my phys to come write a bit.
got tuition on saturday morning [how boring] and still have quite a bit of hw to do. but yeah. all in good time.

You're Lost, You're Crazy by Big D and the Kids Table
a little bit ska kinda music. its totally catchy beats and really fun sounds got it into my playlist. although a bit short it's still a really good song that deserves to be played over and over again.
* * * 3/5 stars

Hide and Seek by Imogen Heap
Sam jie. you're right. this song really grows on you. it's now regularly played on my winamp. carolyn likes it too. Hide and Seek has a very interesting sound that doesn't really place it into any of the broader genres but it has a really endearing quality that really caught me.
* * * * 4/5 stars

Sarcastic Farewell by Bleed the Dream
they're like my current favourite band so there might be some bias to my ratings. but seriously, they're real good. this is one of my favourties from them. the drum intro is really cool. and matched up with some real cool riffs on the guitar, this song is a real heavywieght. it's off their EP Awake available at HVM Heeren.
* * * * * 5/5 stars

Bend your Arms to Look Like Wings by Funeral for a Friend
very emo in the the intro and some really solid riffs. this song'll really blow you away. i'm not really into them the way i'm into Bleed the Dream but they're definately up there with the rest. check em out.
* * * * 4/5 stars

that's all for now. be back for more later.

Tuesday, September 06, 2005

::what happens when you lose a bet::
you take a chair home. hey BX. think i'll be bringing a new chair home on sept 14th.
haha. really cannot do anymore maths. totally sian of it.
anyway. now i'm really like banking on my phys to get my results. have been concentrating more on it. haven't really been doing much econs though. oh man. though i really like econs i just can't score in it. haha. funny right?
you'd think that with an interest in the subject you'd be able to do well in it. wrong!!


Friday, September 02, 2005

::Bong's latest concoction::
try this out.

-2 parts orange juice
-1 part vodka
-1 1/2 tablespoons sugar or to taste

mix everything together and shake. don't stir it'll taste gross. shake it til the sugar's dissolved and serve chilled.
an easy and simple little something for making at home. caution though. if you don't really know how to drink, it can be deceptively strong.

Thursday, September 01, 2005

i really should try and stop myself from playing my guitar. steel strings do simply awful things to your skin. all the fingertips on my left hand are completely calloused and there's skin peeling off of them. so unglam.
but i cant help it!! i just learnt how to play taxi driver and it's sounding pretty good and i'm just soooo stoked about it that i can't stop playing it. argh. addiction.
need to get out of the house. i just can't study here. there's so many distractions like the comp, my guitar, tv, etc. i'm supposed to be doing maths now lar. but i can't find anyway in the house to study. my desk is so full of papers that there's no empty space for me to work on. i know it kinda defeats the purpose of HAVING a desk in the first place but i'd like to see you come over and help me clear it up.

newton's first law states that an object will remain at rest or continue its state of motion until a net external force is exerted on it. Inertia.

i seem to have lots of the stuff. don't know if inertia is the right thing to call it [laziness being a very good replacement] but it's keeping me frm getting off my fat ass and doing something. crappy, no?

i've kinda self-diagnosed my condition. i keep calling the prelims promos which leads me to believe that i'm suffering from acute "J1"ophernia. don't know if it's a proper pyschological disorder but i'm sure that it'll be recognised by the medical community soon.

one thing that i can take away from this post is that it is not just "a self-indulgent exercise" becuz i have actually benefited from posting.
Under Part 4.1 of Section II [Newtonian Mechanics]:Dynamics
(a) Candidates should be able to state each of Newton's Laws of Motion.

well. the first law's in the bag. now i gotta get the rest down.
lads and lassies. i bid ye a fond farewell.