Wednesday, June 21, 2006

:: Depression sets in ::
sigh. At first I was happy to get the RP posting. Two weeks of training and an 8-5 after that. Sounds brilliant. But noooo. The army really is out to suck every possible piece of happiness frm my life. I'm now posted to the Field Defence Squadron which is basically an RP with a fancy name. Another difference is that instead of going through the normal two week RP training course I have to go through a 15 week FDS training course after which I get to do exactly the same duties as an RP. WTF!! This is not my idea of "fun".
I can't say that I've ever hated any sch or training institute that I've been posted to. But now I can. I just feel miserable in that camp. Everything is olive, army green. Serious. Buildings, trees, vehicles. Everything.... It's just totally, utterly and unbearably depressing. Everything there is a dull shade of green and there is no life there at all. In the day, you hardly every see anyone cuz they're all in the hangers and at the airfield. And in the night, you're the only stay-in unit so the whole base is empty cept for my squadron.

BMT is just a phase. POP is a lie of a celebration. ORD is the beginning of a better life. And once you get that magic letter many many years down the road telling you that you are no longer liable to go for reservice, that is the goal.

Tuesday, June 13, 2006

:: Siansation ::
sigh. I can't emphasise more than I already have how much I hate the army. As my block leave is coming to a close in a matter of days, I begin to dread more and more the thought of having to go back to the army lifestyle. I'd so much rather be working right now. For one, I'd be getting so much more that the peanuts that the government is paying us AND I'd be out there doing something a lot more interesting that anything the army has to offer me.

most of all, I hate the lack of freedom. I hate having to conform to their timetable. aarrgghh... Constricting. To me it's really like a prison. Stuck in there unable to get out and nothing you can do about it. Do what can anyone of us do? It's LAW.

I continuously remind myself that one year ten months is a very short time to serve, plus now that my bmt is over, I only have about one year eight months to go. But it still seems like a bloooooody long time more to go. Frankly, I can't wait til ORD. It's like marked out on my calendar. One day at a time, babe.

Thursday, June 08, 2006

:: End of Part 1 ::
and so it is.... No longer will I be returning to Falcon Coy. The nine weeks are finally over. No matter how much I hated the army I have to say that I enjoyed my life in Falcon. It's was not slack. Hard work was done. But when it came to play, every Falcon was ready to rock.

I know that there are many people that do not really like Falcon Coy cuz we appear slack and welfare. But look at the stats. We have the least OOTs, report sick personal and the Games Day Championship. What can I say? Falcon rocks!!

but it's not the winning and etc that makes me happy to be a Faclon. It's the people there... Sure there are some assholes around but they are the minority. The rest of the people there are super good friends to have and even our commanders are people that are seriously worthy to be role models for us [unlike some frm other coys, but I shall not explain deeper].

now that the POP is over and we have graduated frm BMTC, there will be many unknowns. Like where will we go frm here and what will become of the many friends that we have made throughout the nine weeks? Such uncertainties are inevitable but what can the assured is that the bond that we share as falcons will always be there.

my nine weeks were neither enjoyable nor unbearable. Not to say I didn't like my time there or I didn't' suffer tgr with the rest. But I think that OC sir has found a perfect balance of "welfare" and tough training. Kudos to him for that.

Farewells are always sad. And I'm sad to have to say goodbye to my sergeants in tekong. But I'll always jump at the chance to go back and say hi...