Sunday, May 27, 2007

:: Hear ye, Hear ye ::

I hearby decree that all should read and comply with the following:

"G'day gents.This callout is to all NY ruggers past and present. We'll be having a testimonial match for the 2007 A Div Team next saturday. Basically it's gonna be a fun match to catch up with all the old boys as well as to meet some of the newer members of the NY Rugby family.

2007 A Div Team vs. Combined SeniorsTeam
Time: 9 AM
Venue: Sch Field

Do spread the word to all and get as many people back as possible as we are trying to make it a reunion of sorts for the Rugby Team of past years. (plus more ppl means can rotate more = less shagged out) Spectators are more than welcome.

Tuesday, May 22, 2007

:: Back Again ::
yes. i'm finally back after a long hiatus from blogger. not that I really wanted to go but my com was down, so there. and I'm not going to type long posted on my PSP.

my blog is in total disarray. I can't believe how messed up all my links are. and half of the people that I've linked up has either stopped blogging or moved urls. damn. need to take some time to do a major overhaul.

well. the official countdown is still in the mid-200s. but i'm not complaining. though i should. this whole audit thingy is really damn annoying. it's like I'm only now discovering how many things GQ didn't have time to teach me and I'm learning by myself now. sigh. well. just have to manage now won't I?