Thursday, August 13, 2009

Stronger than Yesterday

Yes. Britney totally rocks. Love her to bits. Schoolgirl outfits are totally right for the wrong reasons.

Anyway, Jash kinda blew. Haven't drank like that for a pretty long time and I guess there were a lot of things that I haven't settled internally. Can't believe I was stupid enough to crack like that. I guess I didn't realise that it was that much of an issue to me. I thought I was over it all. Trivial matters like that should not affect me to that kind of extent. I might have scared a few of my blockmates for which I sincerely apologize.

I guess karma did really come round to bite me in the ass. Break at the risk of being broken yourself.

I don't wish to indulge in self-praise, but I do like this piece I wrote a while back. Enjoy.

The Fool
Behind the seemingly happy facade
Beneath the lies that he spreads
Locked within the heavy heart
Lies nothing but a lonesome boy
Under the guise of a playful soul
Trapped by feelings left untold
Lost in his own ravished mind
All he hopes for but cannot find
No further than the apple from the tree
Yet farther than the eye can see
Hidden behind these shameless rhymes
Lying down to sleep, he cries
Not for silly dances in the rain
Not for the sake of a fool's game
But for the warmth of her tender touch
As she falls into slumber's silent arms