Thursday, October 22, 2009

King of kings

Heys! I'm back!

Anyone miss me?


Awww. Damn.

It's been a hectic past month. What with holding meetings, canvassing for funds, school, lab reports (I could go on), workshops, performances, projects (I told you I could), etc etc etc (for the sake of your time I'll just stop there). And yes, I know the liberal use of brackets in that last sentence does look a little odd. But that's the fun of it isn't it?

Come to think of it, nothing much has changed in the past month of so. School stills sucks to high hell, Hall Prod's still frakking awesome, my personal life is still in shambles and facebook is still top of my most visited website list. Probably the only thing that has changed is amount of JD left in the bottle on the shelf above my desk and the fact that I'm out of beer.

I did, however, have an awesome time at the workshop on saturday that MTL organised. They managed to get Elaine Chan (of Dimsum Dollies fame) down and she spent some time with my three MDs and myself. It was amazing how under the right guidance, the creative juices were flowing and we came up with a really cool new verse for one of the songs that we're looking for on the new musical. It was seriously fun. To just sit down and write with a professional like her.

Student life is absolutely brilliant. It really is a blast. Cept for the studying bit. That kinda dampens the fun. Take that out, and everyone would wanna stay in school forever. But there is quite alot of shit that would need dealing with. Now, as a sophomore and as a co-chair of a committee, I realise there is quite a lot of pressure and expectation that comes with the position. At risk of sounding incredibly cheesy, I have to say that I miss the carefree days spent as a freshie. It just seems that everyone is so busy nowadays. There's hardly time for all of us to sit in the corridor and chillout like last year.

Whatever it is, there's change in the air.