Monday, October 31, 2005

::taking a break::
i'll be taking a big break from blogging for a while. have to finish my As but i'll be back as soon as that's done.

meanwhile. big news. my dog's not a wimp. hrm. okay so it doesn't sound like much. but yeah. it is to me.
lemme explain. see. this morning when i woke up i went to check the computer like i always do and then i hear this hellova noise coming frm my garden. squeaks and barks. i look out the window and see my dog standing over a dead rat. my dog actually hunted down and killed the rat that's been eating from the big sack of dog food that we keep.
went down to gardens after that to buy him some of those dentaclean bones to reward him [and to clean his teeth]. proud of the fella.

so that's about all the new happening in my life. boring i know. but i'll be back on the 16th nov hopefully with much more life in me after the bleeding As are over.

i bid thee a fond farewell.

Friday, October 21, 2005

by definition. it means to find pleasure in inflicting physical or mental pain on others OR ON ONESELF.
man. I think I have like this total SM fetish. can't believe that I keep going back to sneak a peek when she's long gone. just find myself browsing around then I just go click on her profile. aaah forget it. it's nothing. just haven't got everything totally outta my system. everything'll be fine soon. just can't forget that beach in changi. my wish on the shooting star we saw tgr didn't come true. well. not fully anyway. she's happy.

::road map to world domination::
okay. so maybe I'll stop just shy of world domination but it'll sure feel like I own the world after I accomplish my goals.

things to do after As:
-get a job
-get my bike license
-get my bike [the obvious next thing to do after I get my license]
-take up photography more seriously instead of trying to make shots off my digicam look good. hopeless task.
-do my time [BMT not jail]
-apply for WSO in the airforce
-try for the airforce scholarships to local uni
-complete my bond with the airforce
-teaching. the noble profession

just decided. I've got my heart set on the Aprilia 125RS. suh-weet I'm telling you. getting my license shd be manageable in between working and the job'll pay for the license and bike [hopefully. if I can get good enough pay. anyone with lobang must share yah].

the photography thing is a real good side project. I've always wanted to like go to some far off place all by myself and just snap away. explore the world. share what I've seen with everyone back home and hopefully a much wider audience.

I think the easiest things on my list are the first four. the rest is really not fully in my control. the airforce thing. it's not for my to decide but I'm just working so that I get a good enough A lvl cert to be in the running to get the WSO posting. but the NIE thing is really something that I'd like. hope to teach phys in sec sch. that's been kinda like the goal for some time but I just lost the target for a while.

sure laugh now. bong in the airforce? bong teaching? don't look down on me ppl. I'll get there somehow.

Wednesday, October 19, 2005

he's like a nauseating cake of raunchy buzzard barf.
worse than a frantic stack of cute stomach acid.
a rat-faced mound of foreign navel lint would be insulted if i compared it it him.
i've never met such a bad breathed bowl of soppy turkey puke. then i met him.
totally creepy shovel-full of fermenting monkey zits.
unbelievably despicable toilet-full of old hippo vomit.
he's just an uncultivated sack of noxious nose hair who is more brainless than a toilet-full of freeze-dried puke lumps.
he is a ridiculous shovel-full of dusky dog phlegm.
he's a crooked excuse for fresh stable sweepings.

in short. he's a bastard with a hyperinflated ego and a holier-than-thou attitude to anybody and everybody that he may encounter. 19 words that thoroughly describe him.

i don't see why he has to go around picking fights without any provocation. he just has the unique ability to make my blood boil. in my 18 of life on this planet i can safely say that i have never met someone more irritating than him. he's even more irritating than a scab which gets so itchy before it's ready to be peeled off. for lack of better words. i don't think very well when i'm cheesed off.
seriously. i don't often take to disliking ppl and even more seldom do i declare that i hate someone. but boy. he's getting real close to being one of the select few.
if only i could take him on one-on-one. oh man. that'll be a real good day for me. can't believe that anyone could be as obnoxious and as self-centered as he is. it just seems so incredible to me. overall, i like to see people as having some good in them no matter how "bad" they are. but i just cannot see the good in him. god. makes me feel evil just thinking that but i swear it's true.

Monday, October 17, 2005

::piling up::
stuffs getting more and more hectic. got lots of revision stuff to do and a very little time to do it in. oh wells. just wish that I could take the bloody As right now cuz I don't think that I'm gonna get any better results even if I do all the revision stuff that the sch gave.
I have a lot of stuff to do when the As are over. get a job. get my license. get my bike. there's of course music for me to explore. most impt of course is to get a job. else I won't be able to finance the other stuff. plus there is plenty of other stuff that I wanna do.
whatever results I get I'm just gonna see what I can do with it. and if I can't get into the uni, I'll just think of something. maybe get a full time job and do my As privately. it'll be tough but I think it will be much more fulfilling than muggin in sch like this. it's never the end of the world when you get bad results.

Thursday, October 13, 2005

::end of the road?::
i think that almost every single J2 in s'pore will soone be posting about their graduation and stuff. so i'm gonna be diff. i'm not gonna blabber on about now i'm going to miss everyone and stuff.
wtf. nobody's dying you fools. you just won't be spending the whole day in school with them. cuz everyone will be out in town having fun after the As. dumb nuts.
can't wait til the As are over.

[btw. i know that you all prob looked up to check out the comma thing in my last post. don't worry. i won't tell.]

Tuesday, October 11, 2005

::blogger's block::
don't like leaving my blog idle for such a long time but at the same time I don't know what to blog about. wierd eh?
so what am I going to do about it. I'm just gonna come here and type whatever comes to my mind.




hey. give me a break. I'm sleepy. I'm not thinking right.


how about a little lightbulb joke.
Q: How many psychiatrists does it take to change a light bulb.

A: One. But the light bulb must be willing to change....!!

okay fine. don't look at me like that. I know it's not that funny but yeah. I try.







hah! betcha didn't notice. in the middle of the first row of dots on this page there was a comma.




[awkward silence]



I think I shd leave

Wednesday, October 05, 2005

::sit back and reminisce::
just random memories of my life.

my grandmother was such a great person. my sis and I used to go outside and pick these flowers that used to grow on the slope outside my house. actually it was more of a weed but the flower itself was nice. we'd compete to see who could pick a bigger bunch for grandma and we'd tie it up with a rubber band and give it to her. it was totally fugly but she always smelt it, said that it was so pretty and give both of us a kiss. she never did say who won.

my parents are divorced and I live with my dad. so when I was younger every once a month, my mom would come over and take us out. we'd go shopping or visiting relatives or catch a movie but no matter where we were, we'd always stop by the A&Ws at AMK to get some curly fries. it was like a ritual. now I see her a lot more often and i'm thankful for that. but sometimes I just wanna go back to when I was small. yah know. blissful ignorance and curly fries.

my dad was, and still is, quite obsessed with work. total workaholic. I remember there was a time that I didn't even feel close to him at all. 'cuz when he wasn't at work, he'd be in his room reading his books. but then there was a change. sometimes just out of the blue he'd come up to my sis and I and just go,"wanna watch a movie?". at first it was like "are you serious?" but yeah. we went. would always go to the cinema at northpoint and I remember him always asking us after the movie which was our favourite part. and we'd sit and laugh at the BK.

it's strange how often things turn out for the best even when you think that nothing could make it right. sometimes it's not a matter of whether you can or cannot fix a situation. cuz very often you can't. in those times, it's just learning how to work around the problem. i have a plan for my life. i finally know what i want to do. hopefully it's not too late and i pray that nothing gets in my way.