Wednesday, August 31, 2005

::exam fever?::
oh man. i hate exams. really sucks. plus i had like a major case of writer's block today. i looked at all the twelve qns and i better have any :feeling: for any of them. so i did what i could do and just produced something to waste miss ng's time marking. definately substandard work. doubt that i'll get a passing grade on this essay. i'll be happy to get over 20.
the compre wasn't too bad i guess. :touchwood: i don't usually like to comment on exam papers cuz the results will prob come out very differently from what you predict. so yeah. shall not say anything abt it. haha.
so totally drained after yesterday. after the GP had to go settle all the stupid PEARLS business. total crap. and then had to go for like a three hr tuition session. his lessons are usually that long. but yest lesson seemed to be THAT much longer than normal. sucks.

::more musac::
haha. really have nothing else to do. prob shd be studying but i'm totally shagged after yest's gp and tuition. so here goes.

Start Wearing Purple by Gogol Bordello
Gogol Bordello is this wierd sounding "gypsy punk" group as they call themselves. the guy really has this creepy transylvanian-like voice. the kind that you'll hear in some old Dracula movie. but it's really a pretty cool song. quite funky beats and interesting lyrics. haha.
* * * * 4/5 stars

The Rising End by Zao
i love the intro for this song. really cool. Zao is a pretty hardcore screamo kinda band. frankly i've never understood the appeal of screamo. can never understand the lyrics. but the music is sometimes real good. this one is one of those screamos with really good guitar work. go for it. it rocks.
* * * 3/5 stars

Fireflies by Finch *highly recommended*
woah. this song's intro caught me the first time i heard it in HMV. the bass is super solid. and it's not one of those songs with a good intro which grows boring after that. the rest of the song is ROCKING! seriously great track from finch.
* * * * * 5/5 stars

Selfish Man by Flogging Molly
i've got the live in LA version but i haven't heard the studio version but so far i like what i hear. haha. it sounds kinda like a celtic gigolo singing with a frog in his throat. ah but who cares. it made it into my playlist. it has a really catchy beat and nice melodies in there. plus a really wierd solo.
* * * * 4/5 stars

What I Got by Sublime
i know that they're not really that new or what but this song's good. got caught listening to it so many years ago cuz it was on the Dave Mirra BMX game soundtrack. and i'm a sucker for their style of music.
if you like this song do check out No Woman, No Cry also by Sublime.
* * * * 4/5 stars

[wonder why i even put in that rating system cuz i wouldn't give anything less that 3 stars otherwise i wouldn't recommend it. plus i don't know how to put in half a star so i can't give like 4 1/2 or 3 1/2 which would make my ratings more "accurate". oh well. i guess it's just really really fun. makes my blog entry look like some kinda pro music review thingamagig. funky eh?]

Monday, August 29, 2005

::oh so cool::
haven't really been blogging that often anymore. was looking thru my blog and i used to blog like almost everyday. hrm. i guess life is getting too mundane to blog about. it's just sch to home to sch ... everyday. not much point in writing.
this past week has been fun though. went out with some of the ex 2H ppl on friday. haven't seen some of them for a really long time so it was nice.
spent the weekend over at my mom's hse chilling and not really doing much work. so i prob gotta buck up over this week. i still have my bet with BX.
i got back home to find a package that my sis sent over frm NY. she burnt the whole season of Lost on dvd for me so now i don't have to d/l it myself. so cool!! can't wait to watch it all. treated myself to two episodes this morning. major addiction. it's like taking a hit. wonder if there is such a thing as withdrawal symtoms for tv addicts. if there is i'm prob going to die when i finish watching it.

::of all the idiotic things::
haiz. really wonder how the school thought up the prelim timetable. they put the GP exam on the last week of this term and then the rest of the papers on the first week of next term. so we have like almost a two week break frm the GP papers to the rest of the papers. and we also lose out on one week of sch. it may not seem like much but we haven't even really gone thru the last tutorial for phys. totally sucky lar. mr tan was like sooooo stressed to finish the syllabus quickly. and i still don't really know what's going on for nuclear phys!! argh.....!!

::thinking too much?::
dunnoe if i'm reading things right. i really hope that it's just me thinking too much cuz i'm not really open to anything right now. she's a real nice gurl but i just don't really feel anything. hrm. hope that it's just me being dumb as usual.

lastest additions to my playlist:

A Little Respect by Wheatus
a remake of an old erasure song. i've always disapproved of remakes generally but of course there are exceptions like Boys of Summer by the Ataris or Nothing's gonna stop us by The Starting Line. this one is another song to add to that list of exceptions. it hasn't been punked up like what mxpx did to take on me but rather mellowed down into a sorta acoustic version. nice.

Same side of the Moon by Corrinne May
i don't usually listen to ppl like corrinne may and steph sun etc. but this song's nice. i don't mind making an exception. it is really pretty good

Taxi Driver by Gym Class Heroes
it's kinda hip-hop/rap/indie but the guitar on this track is really funky. and listen to the words. you'll find alot of familiar names in the verse. it's short only abt 2 mins long but cool.

there are so many more nice songs but that's all i'm actually willing to write about. will try and write more tmr so stay tuned.

Sunday, August 21, 2005

::so much happier::
think that i'm finally getting into some kinda rhythm in sch.
starting to take work a bit more seriously and i'm really finding a bit more fulfilment. partially cuz getting better grades is quite encouraging. hopefully i can keep it up past the prelims and ace the a's. haha. hey, it's positive thinking. not delusion.

did you know....?:
-i really suck at trigo. still can't get the hang of it. help...!!

-bleed the dreams is really good. overcrowded room is one of my favourites.

-september is going to either be a month to remember or just another awkward moment.

-the temperature in the room is currently 26.1°C.

-the skin on my left hand fingertips is peeling.

-polar bears live on tropical islands.

i'm so much happier now that i have stopped thinking about what happened. it is so far behind me that it's not worth looking back for.

Monday, August 15, 2005

found this really good EP from a band called Bleed The Dream. it's called Awake.
it's mostly emo i guess. but i really like it [hint hint to anyone with enough cash to get it for me]. *cough* available at HMV *cough cough*
well anyway. drummer Scott Gottlieb died earlier this year due to complications from cancer but not before he recorded all the drum tracks for their new album Built by Blood [another cough cough for good measure]. not just another sad sob story, this guy's really good.
there's a tribute site up for him. go check it out here. i've also put up a link to the band's webbie in one of the spaces on the left side of my blog.

Friday, August 12, 2005

::just like in the good ol' days::
was really shiok meeting up with the old gang yest. went to marche to celebrate aizhu's bday [happy birthday aizhu!!]. even met allan at heeren unexpectedly.
miss crapping with you guys. shd do it more often.
really miss those times that we spent slacking in sec sch.

Saturday, August 06, 2005

::masochistic behavior::
it's not that i don't wanna forget and move on.
but somehow i'm not letting myself make peace with facts that i know i have to live with and cannot do anything about. i keep tearing myself up and feeling sorry for myself and i feel like a bastard for doing this to myself. i'd like to think that i'm more mature that this. it all seems so childish.
oh yes i'm the great pretender.
i'd like to fool myself into thinking i'm okay.

"i was over it before. but you brought me back to where i began.", I said to myself.

the only thing that is preventing me from being happy is Me.
forget it boy. it's time to get moving. there are more important things to concern yourself with. this is but an obstacle on the road to your own success. nothing more. jump over it and get on with the race. don't think about what doesn't involve you any longer.

Wednesday, August 03, 2005

::mundane life::
beginning to feel the stress of the upcoming a levels. haha. finally getting a bit "scared".
i did a couple of DRV qns just now. agar agar know how to do lar. but not really very sure. so that means that i've still got alot of work to do.
man. i hate doing maths. it is just practicing questions, questions and more questions. and when you're done with that, you just go ahead and do more questions. so tedious. haiz. but just gotta do it. darn.

dunnoe if i heard correctly. and dunnoe if my inference was correct. siao liao.