Wednesday, February 22, 2006

::hole in the pocket::
for those of you who don't know, the SEAB webbie was announced that the date of release of the results would be announced soon. which is incredibly dumb. cuz why do you need to announce the announcement of an announcement when you can just announce the announcement that you need to announce. ermm.. did that make any sense to any of you. even if it didn't, pls say that you understand, k?

i finally got that chip on my tooth patched up. cost me 70bucks to get it done, but i think it's quite worth it. it was a rather big chip... sigh... and the dentist says that i gotta go back to get my wisdon tooth removed cuz it's collecting food deposits and it's so far back that it can't be brushed out. that means at least 100+ dollars gone...

okay... so my life hasn't really been that action packed til the point that i have to talk about dental appointments. *sigh*

on to bigger things... i'm seriously planning to get a labret piercing. i think it's one of the less outlandish piercings and yet something more than a earlobe piercing.. i mean, i won't wanna get an eyebrow or a tongue or [God forbid] a genital piercing, but i dun wanna just pierce a ear. so i have settled for a labret peircing... dunnoe what my parents will say, but i've made my mind up...

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Thursday, February 09, 2006

::mental stimulation::
I need something to keep my mind going.. Face it.. My job is not exactly incredibly hard. I try to learn what I can. Like what mechanical engineering is all about from the engineer and all the little stuff that you can't really learn anywhere... But I'm still not satisfied.. In a way, I like to learn. That's different frm saying that I like school. cuz school over here entails exams, wish-you-could-whoop-their-ass teachers, etc etc... But learning is fun.
I've been looking for a certain book "Mere Christianity" by C.S. Lewis. It's one of the books that he wrote on theology. But when I searched the library's catalogue, it said that it's only available at the woodlands and yishun libraries. That means a really long journey to get there. It's not so much the length but the fact that I'm paying my own bus fares now. And adult fares for mrt are really no joke... so if anyone's got the book......

on a totally different note, my personal bank account has hit four digits... Not my savings account but the account that I use for my personal usage... haha... It might not sound like much but it's a far cry from the days when most of the time I didn't even have the minimum withdrawal amount... haha... So... Yah..!!

Thursday, February 02, 2006

::man boobies!!::
ewww!! gross.... all the eating that I've been doing over the past month is really taking effect. my stomach is beginning to bulge slightly. i'm rather skinny, to my mother's annoyance, so when i do gain a few pounds it does show.
but at least now that chinese new year is over, i can concentrate on starting a proper exercise regime like i've been planning since i graduated. mind you this is what i said after christmas. and at the start of 2006 as well so things aren't really going my way.. but hey, i really think that this time i'm going to do something abt it for real. *fingers crossed yeah*

with the festivities out of the way, i think that it's time to seriously sit down and think about what i want to do in the next five years. my friend invited me to some introductory lecture on some business thing. i didn't really agree with everything they preach about business and marketing in general but i did think that one of the analogies that they used was pretty good. they compared carrying buckets of water frm a stream to a village slaving day after day exchanging buckets of water for a salary based on the amount of water delivered to building a pipeline to the village and turning the tap for people that pay you to. to me it was pretty obvious which one i would prefer monetary wise. but there's one thing that they didn't account for. i really need something more than money to motivate me to work. i'm the type that will get bored if i'm not really engaged in the work that i do. if i really like something, i'll definately be more enthusiatic about having to continue day after day like that. obviously that changes when i have to drag myself to work.

but i'm just being a little idealistic. i think that at some time i'm gonna have to settle for a better paying job instead of something that i love. oh well. we all live in hope, don't we?