Friday, January 05, 2007

:: Addition to the family ::
everybody. I have somebody I'd like to introduce to you...

this is Falkor. My new dog.
named after the luckdragon in the Neverending Story.

okay lah.. Not really a splitting image but a real lookalike.
he was really shy when he first came. But now he's really livened up...
I'll post some vids once I upload onto youtube. easier to embed... Don't have to write up my own embed programming.. haha... Lazy no? But I digress..

we got him quite suddenly. No I don't exactly mean *poof*-there-he-was suddenly. We were at my grand aunt's place on NY day for lunch. And my granddad just mentioned in passing that our dog died before xmas. Then my relative remembered that her relative wanted to give away her dog cuz she already had three and couldn't handle another one... So the very next day, they brought him over.. And THEN *poof*-there-he-was..

he's a real sweetie...