Wednesday, September 27, 2006

:: It's good to be Young ::

haha. This song is like super lame lah... But damn catchy. I've got it stuck in my head and i can't get it out...!! Plus it helps that Tata Young is pretty hot.
when the radio is constantly tuned to 98.7FM the whole day, i really realise how much they over-play songs. i heard this song three times today, monster by the automatic twice and dance dance by fallout boy twice as well...
getting used to the new job although it gets pretty lonely in the Registry without other clerks and my FDS mates to chat with every now and again. But i guess I'm getting to know the squadron ppl a little better and they're really friendly so that helps alot.
haven't really much to talk or think about. Just another aimless entry.
almost like a random Brendan moment.

playing now: El Nin-YO! by Tata Young

Tuesday, September 26, 2006

:: Sotong oso not as blur lah! ::
today was the first day of the rest of my NS life. my first whole day as the new registry clerk at my new squadron. really not completely sure of what's going on but i guess i'll get used to it in the end.
it's kinda tough 'cuz my upperstudy is going to ORD in a weeks time and he's on leave until then. and since my squadron's HQ is so freaking far from the rest of the clerk community, it's not that easy to get help from the other clerks...
oh well....

Thursday, September 21, 2006

:: Hacking Coughs ::
been coughin out my guts for the past couple of days. On the bright side it means two days of att C. woohoo...!!
my buddy and fellow downgradee just got posted out on Monday to some sch of ammo to become an ammo tech. Kind sucks cuz we were always tgr siam-ing saikang and medical centre visits and going for medicals. But looks like I'm gonna be posted out too. From SBAB to HQ RSAF. Kinda sucks since I've already made some good friends here and spent three months living, breathing, eating and sleeping (get your mind out of the gutter) with them. But i guess i don't really have a choice now do i? Again it's all about ups and downs. The good part about gettin posted out means that I'm getting an 8-5 stayout which is like a total blessing.

okay. It's time for some good old Bong Rantings.

First, someone has finally seen George W. Bush in his true form. Thumbs up to Hugo Chavez. And the fact that it drew a few giggles from the General Assem. prob means that the people there don't totally disagree with him. hrmm.. Can't wait for a response. The world is getting crazier. A military coup in Thailand. woah. That's the first time anything that big has happened so close to home before. Ah but as long as they don't take away their Tom Yum soup everything will be okay.

Science vs. Religion. Do we really know everything? The Greeks, who were a very intelligent society, thought that lightning and thunder were bolts throw down by Zeus. But of course we now know that it's merely a scientific phenomenon that is caused by charges being accumulated in clouds and then discharged to the ground which is of lower potential. Or is it? Could it be that we've got it all wrong? There are many things in this world that is yet unexplainable and still others that seem so easy to explain but we don't know why it happens. To me. It's just a matter of faith. Leave it to the big Man up there to call the shots. We're just here for the ride. Don't explain it. Embrace it.

Of loud music. i don't think that people like Marilyn Manson and co. should be blamed for putting bad ideas into people's heads. First and foremost, it's of choice that some kids like to listen to metal and screamos etc and it's also their choice whether they want to go on a gun-wielding rampage over at school. i heard of an experiment that some kids did in my school to try and prove that metal music makes people angry. They decided to start pumping some metal thru the school's PA system and see the reaction from the school's population. Before long, several teachers came down and started screaming(angrily) at them to turn off the music. They then came to the OBVIOUS conclusion that metal makes people angry.
but hang on a second. Let's think about it for a sec. If YOU were talking to a group of people and suddenly someone starts blasting Beethoven's Pastoral Symphony so loud that your neurons had trouble connecting, would you be pissed?
was that a yes? AHA! Thus from the data gathered, Beethoven was satanic and his music makes people kill each other. ... ... ... Get my drift?

One scientific fact that is undeniable though is that alcohol doesn't not make you James Bond-esque charming even if you take it shaken not stirred. All it does is disconnect your mind from your mouth and body and makes the room tilt to one side. It also makes a 7th hole appear out of nowhere on a standard pool table.

Will blogging take over traditional media and journalism. Nah. Don't think so. Obviously they could be used by journalists to broadcast up-to-the-minute news stories. But it's not practical cuz then surfers seeking news would have to sift thru tons of rubbishy blogs like and Even then you'd get millions of journalist wanna-bes til you get to anything good. Blogs have the power to be used as worldwide broadcasting tools but for now they are just online diaries that are open to everyone. Which is funny cuz in the past everyone protected their diaries with locks and stuff to keep people OUT. hrmm. We'll leave that for another day.

Aaaah. Now i feel all better.

[Disclaimer: All URLs mentioned in this post are entirely fictional and any resemblance to any URL active or otherwise is unintentional and deeply regreted]
on second thought screw that. i have my right to open speech.

Sunday, September 17, 2006

:: Of Alcohol and Dumbasses ::
man... i really act damn stupid when i get drunk. haha. my mind is screaming no but my body won't listen. don't worry. i didn't do anything i'll regret in 9 mths time but i did let up a chance for something possibly better. oh how things might have been different if i hadn't been so intoxicated. what i'd give to have a 2nd chance.
she's really pretty.
sigh. but it's back to the dull drudgery that is army life tomorrow morning. going back to the the same old place to doing absolutely nothing of importance or significance. at least if i was given a task to do that was of even the slightest value, i might have some form of drive to accomplish the job at hand. but doing saikang [literally shit job] day in and day out is just mind-burstingly intolerable.
FDS. Forever Doing Saikang. Fat Development Squadron. F**king Dumb Shit. all have some sad truth behind the initial joke. like a hidden msg somewhere in a page.

Monday, September 11, 2006

:: Pride in Uniformity ::
woah.. This really made my day a couple of weeks ago....
here's the scene. I've just booked out for physio and i decide to stop by home to see how everything's going.
"The army now has short-sleeved shirts ah?", my grandfather comments after looking at my Smart4.
At first I'm slightly annoyed at the naive idea that the SAF would look after the everyday convenience of the common soldier and issue short sleeved no.4s for booking out and stuff. So i tell him, "Nope. We still have to fold up our long-sleeved uniforms."
"Wah. But you fold up your sleeves so neatly it looks like short sleeves"

Woah.... That like put me on the moon lah. He and i have never really got along that well and for him to say something like that makes me feel kinda proud to wear my uniform. haha... It does not however make me feel any more eager to book back into camp but it does help. and I've been taking real pride in folding my smart4 since then instead of the usual fuck4.

my downgrade papers have finally made it into the OC's (Officer Commanding) office so my PES status is in black and white. But the future is terribly uncertain for me. i have to put my fate in the hands of some higher authority in CMPB. Hoping so much that I'll get to stay on this base possibly revocated to a clerical job in one of the squadrons. Life in this base is pretty good albeit rather mundane but the main thing is that I'd like to stay with all these people that I've gotten to known in the past few months. Passing out is on thurs and the course will be beginning the on-job training on the following tues. Since i can't mount with the rest of them cuz of my PES then my new posting order should be coming in in the next few days. Cross your fingers for me will ya..?