Monday, June 27, 2005

::crashing into the sea::
i really dun noe what i'm doing. i'm like totally wasting my time concerning myself with things that are totally not necessary. why am i tearing myself up over something that though important to me should not be my main priority. my main priority should be studying for what's coming up in a few months time. and yet i'm here still stuck and not moving anywhere.
keep staring at my phys tys and not able to concentrate enough to do even one qn properly. just guessing the answers.
there's a song that really describes how i feel now. kinda embarassed to say which song. but it's been playing over and over on my player.

Friday, June 24, 2005

hey. to any ruggers that reads my blog.
i uploaded some pics that was taken during our a div onto friendster.
i think you shd be able to access it even without a friendster acct.

Nanyang Rangers


Nanyang Ruggers

if you want the full collection of 185 photos contact guo feng or me.

Wednesday, June 22, 2005

::pressure mounting::
the midyrs are almost upon us.... just a day to go for the students taking econs and i still have quite a bit to cover for the essays.... oh man.. the first time that we're gonna be doing three essays in one sitting.... kinda intimidating....
my maths is totally gone case lar.... totally cannot make it de..... my trigo is crap lar... i can stare at the question and just go blank....
i hate this... i just don't have the discipline to just sit down and do my maths.... i know how impt it is... and i know that i can do it... cuz all the times that i have actually sat down and finished a tutorial i'm actually quite okie (poisson rox!!!....
i don't think i'm a very mathematically inclined person..... nor am i very good in phys and econs.... which leads me to wonder what i'm doing in this combi.... haha.... wierd.....

looonely... i am so looonely....
i have nobooody... to call my ooooown.....

yeah... i'm lonely.... still can't stop thinking abt her....

Wednesday, June 08, 2005

::wasted day::
oh man... really kinda wasted today... didn't do anything at all.... was supposed to do my maths but in the end i ended up watching the british lions match on tv in the afternoon... sorry girl...
will try and make up for the wasted time today by studying extra tmr... it's just kinda hard to get to work when there are so many distractions at home... my tv, my computer, my stereo in my room is pretty cool (the bass on the thing is quite impressive in the small confines of my room).... then there's my guitars, the piano... argh... having the whole house to myself during the day is kinda like a double edged sword cuz i kinda get easily distracted.... maybe shd start studying in sch...

Saturday, June 04, 2005

::mr lonely::
there were many things i wanted to tell her. but the words just stuck in my mouth.
i just sat there silent wanting to tell her but nothing came out except her name.
never told her how perfect she seems to me.
never told her how sweet she is.
or how wonderful it has been just knowing someone like her.
how wonderful it has been knowing her.
i'd really rather have her as my friend than nothing at all.
i do wish that we could be more. but if that's how she feels i've gotta respect that.
saw my first shooting star. it went by too fast for me to make a proper wish.
but i made one anyway. i hope it comes true.

[thank you for telling me straight. i knew that you prob knew what was going on. was sitting there trying to get the words out of my mouth. couldn't get anything out. hope that you and i will forever be able to call each other friends. even if i wish that i could be more to you, i've thankful to just be friends as well. i really enjoyed just sitting there with you talking. it really was a beautiful night. wish we stayed there longer]

Thursday, June 02, 2005

::road to recovery?::
taking some time off to relax for a while.... let myself settle down first then get into a proper rhythm in the build up to my exams.... haven't been feeling myself lately... something's just not right....
i've got a week to relax before i get back to the books, so i'm gonna make good use of it to just chill and get my mind off things....
don't think i'll be blogging for a couple of weeks.... just to give myself a break.... but don't take me off the blogs-to-read list... i might drop in now and again....
c ya peeps