Thursday, December 29, 2005

::back to my youth::
I remember well how my grandma would read with me and my sis at night before bedtime. One of the books we read together were the seven books of Narnia. Having read the book and quite fallen in love with the land of Narnia, I really enjoyed watching the movie adaptation. It made me go back all the way to those times reading with grandma.

I'm sure that with the current Hollywood trend of adapting books into movies [*cough*LordoftheRings*cough cough*], there are sure to be plenty of comparisons to the much larger scaled and big budgeted LOTR trilogy. But to me, I think that Narnia whoops some serious ring ass. For one, 3 vs 7. Hah. Take that Tolkien.

But more than that I think that the reason that I have such an affection for the land of Narnia is because of the magic of the imagination. It's not a distant land like Middle Earth is. Narnia is like a dream. It's a place through the wardrobe in the spareroom. That is the magic of Narnia. The thought of going through the wardrobe and into another land is so illogical but is so enchanting.

I'm not trying to convince people that Narnia is better than LOTR. cuz it is not fair to comment on two books in different leagues. Narnia is a children's book. LOTR is not. One look at "The Fellowship of the Ring" is enough to put a child of reading for the rest of his/her life. I think it's rather more of a personal preference and because of my experiences with Narnia that I feel more for Aslan than Elrond.

On a slightly more selfish note, I kinda wished that the movie didn't come out. Narnia used to be somewhere secret which few people knew about. It was like having your own private world. Now that the movie is out, there'll be a lot of Narnia "fans" that don't know of the full world. Of the Silver Chair, Prince Caspian and the rest. So I can only hope that this movie inspires people to pick up the books and start reading. It's truly a magic place waiting to be discovered.

Tuesday, December 27, 2005

::good reading::
Check this blog post out.

It's OK to be a bad Christian

*gasp* blasphemy?

au contraire. just read and listen to what he says.

Another interesting piece of reading. "The Decline and Fall of Practically Everybody" by Will Cuppy. quite humourous and very good bedside reading [and toilet literature].

Friday, December 23, 2005

::Traditionally a time for tradition::
Aaah. It's that time of the year again. Christmas. Time to dust off old family traditions [and our xmas deco for the hse] and celebrate with family and friends.

Christmas has always been a very big time for my family. I guess we've kinda been the party hse for a very long time. Since before I was born, Christmas dinner has always something that has been held annually at my hse. I'm telling you, for me, it wouldn't be Christmas until I see the tables set up inside my house.

Tradition is not all that bad as many people proclaim it to be. Tradition invokes a real sense of nostalgia that is irreplaceable. For instance, I remember how every year we would go over to the sisters' hse in katong to pick up the Christmas pudding. FYI, the sister's are these Irish nuns that my grandmother knew frm when she was at KC. And they would make Christmas pudding for us every year without fail. I remember going over to pick it up was always a big deal. When we got there, we'd always get fussed over and sister Josephine would always find something to give us. I can still remember the hse very well and the huge garden [and the dogs and the pancakes she made for us one year and the red saga seeds]. And now that they've gone back to Ireland and my grandma to somewhere even better, I really miss those days. We've tried making the pudding ourselves and even bought a pudding once frm the supermarket, but seriously, nothing can match sister Josephine's pudding.

There's also Christmas breakfast. Every year, Uncle Richard and family would come over and we'd all have breakfast together. Sausages, bacon, ham. Stuff that you could get all year round but somehow is more special this time of year. And it was also the time when grandpa would make cocoa for us. It was something special that we always looked forward to. He'd never make cocoa any other time of year cept Christmas and that made it into something of a Christmas treat. Even though I could probably make my own now whenever I want, I don't. It sounds like such a small thing but it really feels different when grandpa makes cocoa for Christmas breakfast.

But by far my favourite Christmas tradition is Christmas dinner at my house. It's not so much abt the food [okay, so what if it is?] but it's about being with family. I meet these people constantly throughout the year but somehow it's different on Christmas cuz we'll all be around one table and we're all there together. Sounds corny, but it really gives me a warm fuzzy feeling inside. It was also the one time of the year that grandma used to be able to say grace before the meal and I'm pretty sure she actually enjoyed that. It's the third Christmas that we'll spend without her and I'll never get used to not having her around to say grace.

To me, that's what makes Christmas Christmas. I can safely say without any smudge on my conscience that it's not about the presents or the pretty lighting downtown or even the wonderful food that will be on the table at Christmas dinner. It's about the time well spent with family. I'm sure that after a few years you won't even remember what was on the table at dinner but you'd remember how someone vomited blue, or singing carols together, or the year that we poured too much brandy on the pudding and everyone was happy.

Christmas is a happy time. Both in the religious and the modern aspect of the holiday. So cheers to happy memories and to many happy ones to come.

Saturday, December 17, 2005

::of all the seven deadly sins::

Sloth is the one I'm most susceptable to. I tend to prefer to laze around instead of doing something that I'm supposed to be doing or want to be doing.
Today, I attempt to defeat my old nemesis. I have finally cleared up my blog a little [a very little]. Small but a victory none the less.

In the process, I have discovered that many of the people that I linked up once upon a time have lost interest or grown out of blogging. To many, blogging is just another passing fad, but to me it's become something slightly more without causing a total lifestyle change. It's more like a wall where I can bounce my ideas and experiences off. My blog is like having someone just listen to you. Neither agreeing nor disagreeing. Just listening.

okay. enough joshing around. i finally got my own iPod. i went for the 30GB Video instead of the 4GB nano and it really turned out to be a good buy. went over to fawwaz's place yest to load up on songs cuz my com doesn't wanna open iTunes. woah. we really crammed quite alot of stuff in there in one afternoon that i'm sure wouldn't have been able to fit into the nano.
usually i hate it when i'm wrong. this time, it's different

Monday, December 12, 2005

::i'm leaving::
waaah. cannot tahan le. think i'm just gonna leave the job at tangs. not worth it at all. hrmm. but cannot leave yet. my mom wants to use up my limit on staff discounts first. haha. oh wells.
yes. finally i have enough cash to buy my own iPod. haha. dun have to borrow le. going for the nano. think that it shd be sufficient for my usage lar. i don't wanna pay for 20GB when i don't think that i'll use all of it.
quite bored really. don't have much to blog abt but i just don't like leaving the place stagnant for too long.

Friday, December 02, 2005

::my feet hurt::
good golly. standing up for ten hours a day is really not easy at all. my feet hurt like i've never felt it hurt before. i think that this is even more brutal than playing matches. at least matches only last for abt an hour. sheesh. more brutal than a rugby match. who would have thought.
i think that most of my life now is work. takes up pretty much my whole day. and when i get off duty, most of the time [okay, all of the time] i head straight home to the comforts of my room.
but despite all the complaints i have, i still think that it beats staying at home bored to death the whole day. plus i get some cash [which i desperately need]. so that pretty much makes up for the stress of being a temp service crew member. not waiter. that's so politically incorrect. tsk tsk.