Saturday, April 22, 2006

::Back to Civilisation ::
hello everyone... i'm finally back... it's been a long two weeks even though i had that break in the middle for Good Friday. but yes... i'm finally back for some R&R. it is impossible for me to not talk abt the army in this post cuz it has been my only life for the past few weeks.
i must admit that i was very apprehensive about going in but now i think that i was really blessed... i was put into a very good company with superiors that do care abt their recruits [most of the time]. but what i'm really thankful for is having been put into a really cool section.. all my bunk mates are fantastic people that are really fun to work with and great to crap around with.
plus there are some people that i know both in my platoon as well as my company so that's helped the process of getting to know each other. plus i have a few friends and classmates and my cousin in the blocks near my bunk...
well... i have a lot of sleep to catch up with so til i have something of interest to talk about i bid thee farewell.

Tuesday, April 04, 2006

:: Last Days of Liberty ::
haven't been able to blog for the past few days cuz my computer was down... Sigh. I don't know how much of my media library that I've painstakingly built up over the past few years has been lost in the past few days. Saddening.
shall not try and sort it out this week. It'll be too much work and time needed. So instead I shall try to enjoy what remaining time I have left as a civilian with my pink ic that I shall have to give up for two years.

this will be my last post before I take a short hiatus. So to my faithful readers, though few in number you may be, do check back in two weeks time when I am finally able to post again.

thank you and adieu.