Thursday, January 26, 2006

::all praise::
i can't believe it... it's too good to be true.. i've finally gotten iTunes to work!! finally i can fully utilise my iPod after a whole month of suffering...

No more error 0x80040707.

just info for anybody passing by that is having problems with iTunes 6.0 for windows. [it's supposed to be windows compatible but it isn't really. not in the least]

i think that most of the time when iTunes exits unexpectedly it's cuz of an error in installing quicktime. either get the standalone installer for quicktime off the apple webbie and reinstall. or you can do what i did... find anything and everything that has to do with Apple Computer [and i mean everthing. even the iPod folder in your Program Files] and delete it... empty your recycle bin and restart your com.. download the iTunes 6.0 installer and install. it shd now install both iTunes and quicktime without a hitch and now you're on your way to endless joy with your new Apple iPod.

Tuesday, January 17, 2006

::of backpains and heartaches::
or shd it be heartpains and backaches. bah humbug. It doesn't really make a difference. The fact of the matter is my back hurts like the fire of ten earth-crushing asteroids have been focused onto one spot in my lower back. Okay. So I tend to exaggerate just a tensy widdle bit. but it's still fact that my back hurts like hell. god... to think i sprained it a year ago and it still give me occasional troubles. but nothing like it's doing today. this one's almost as bad as the time i first sprained it. bloody crap.
as for the other unfortunate piece of flesh in my body. haha. that's just another exaggeration. i just feel so darn depressed that Jon Arbuckle has a date this weekend and i'll prob be at home on saturday night catching up on sleep. haha...

for those of you who are comically-inept,

Jon Arbuckle.. of all people, why him?

Sunday, January 15, 2006

::what's wrong with this world that we're livin' in::
other than being a line from a "pop" song, it's quite a valid question. When you take out the killing, violence and other assorted disasters frm any news programme, all you have left is the ad breaks in between stories. And when I pick up the newspaper in the morning, I skip every page that has a picture of a dead body on the ground and I find myself at the back page checking out the latest discounts at the supermarket.

personally, I find it rather depressing. I know I'm not the one caught up in the wake of a cat 4 hurricane or in the middle of two groups of people shooting at each other, but I just don't remember the world being like this back when I was growing up. Who knows it might have just been my naivety, but I doubt it. Without sounding conceited or anything, I believe I was a pretty well informed child growing up. That came from only having one TV and having grandparents that insisted on watching the news no matter if there was something else better on another channel.

it seems to me that every history book published from now onwards really should have just two main sections, namely pre- and post-9/11. I'm sure that few people will argue with me when I say that the world has grown much more violent since that day some 4 almost 5 years ago. It may seem like a generalisation to make such a sweeping statement but unlike many other generalisations, it's generally true. Paris, arguable one of the most romantic of cities in the world, is now a haven for teen crime and rioting. Bombings in the centre of historic London. And let's not even bother with the middle east. Have you heard my "Road Map to Peace in the Middle East"? Well, my plan is to erect this massive fencing [preferably electric] around the whole Middle East. a fence that would shadow the Great Wall. We wait for say five years or until you hear no more noise, whichever comes first, and then we take the fence down and get the oil out. By that time, they'd all either have calmed down and settled their differences or wiped each other out. Either way.... PEACE!! simple right?

it's easy to just throw everything onto the media. Oh, the media broadcasts violence to youngsters, etc etc etc. To me that's a load of bovine excrement. It's just a vicious cycle. Face it. Everyone has this deep down morbid fascination with death, sex, violence and the lot. The media just shows us what attracts our attention which apparently causes us to turn into car burning monsters which just gives broadcasters more violent images to broadcast. And since we watch what we want to, we end up watching people burning cars on TV. So who's fault is it really if not "mass media"?

I say blame it all on the parents. hah..!! I'm beginning to sound like some idealistic teen punk, no? But I grew up in a family where raised voices were frowned upon and rough housing was definitely out of the question. We were taught to have our own opinions and yet be sensitive to what we say or do that may be offensive to others. As far as I know, none of my family members have started or participated in any major conflict or plotted to commit mass murder. But if you grow up with your parents engaged in an all out war with those people across the imaginary line in the ground, you naturally are born into an environment where violence is just another part of your daily routine. It just goes on and on passed down from generation to generation. Nothing, except a major shift in people's perceptions, is going to change that. Children's minds are like dry sponges. They soak up everything that their parent teach them.

so my argument might be a little simplistic and not really well thought through [that tends happens at two am]. but who can really explain what is happening?

Sunday, January 08, 2006

::new year, new beginnings::
well... it was a rather different first week of the new year. for one, i didn't have to go to sch on the 3rd of january. that was a rather different experience. next at the stroke of midnight on the 1st of jan, SBS made us start paying adult fares.... that's the new thing that really sucks...

other than that, i think it's been a pretty good year [so far]...

finally getting my paycheck frm tangs soon. so that means that i can go shopping for stuff that i need and i've got a job at boon's parents company. i don't think it's as fun as the cafe job, but it's sure as hell a lot less tiring. no standing for 10 hr shifts, no more coming home at midnight and no more having to be polite til it hurts. haha.

come to think of it, i liked being in service. i like being able to see different people and to sometimes chat with customers. but what i couldn't stand was the four-staff-taking-care-of-the-whole-cafe-during-dinner thing. that was totally nuts. four people had to prepare drinks and desserts, take orders, seat people at their tables, set and clear tables, bring out food and bring the check at the end of meals. and the cafe sat abt 100+ pax. wahh... mati sial..

and the best part abt the new job... five day week.. i don't have to spend my weekends stuck waiting tables.. haha.... now that's the best part...

well. hopefully, the rest of this year won't go like the end of last year went.
down the toilet bowl. i'm really looking for big things to happen.
cheers to the new year....!! here's to a 2006 that will knock the crap outta 2005